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'; } function IsPluginModule() { return true; } function HasAdmin() { return true; } function GetAdminSection() { return 'content'; } function GetAdminDescription() { return 'Manage Simple Slider'; } function GetAuthor(){ return 'Burhan BAVKIR'; } function GetAuthorEmail(){ return ''; } function displaySelectArray($selectlist, $id=0){ foreach($selectlist as $key => $val){ ?> Fellowship of First Fleeters - Hunter Valley Chapter - Borrowdale





272 tons, 75 ft long, 22 ft wide

Carried 22 crew

Master: Hobson REED


BROWN James -1st Mate

CAMPBELL Donald - Seaman

MALTON John - Seaman

MARTIN Charles - Seaman

POWEL Thomas - Seaman

REED Hobson - Master

REED Joseph - Seaman

TAYLOR Robert - Seaman

WILLIAMS Richard - 2nd Mate

Marines and Family

BROWN James - Private

BROWN Elizabeth - Marine Wife

Produced by Erin Tompkin & John Boyd, June 2009
with the assistance of Signarama Wollongong.
Paintings of the First Fleet Ships by Frank Allen.



List of Livestock and Provisions Stored on the Three  Storeships

10 Forges

700 Steel Spades

700 Iron Shovels

700 Garden Hoes

700 West Indian Hoes

700 Grubbing Hoes

700 Felling Axes

700 Hatchets

700 Helves for Felling Axes

747,000 Nails

100 Pairs of Hinges and Hooks

10 Sets of Cooper's Tools

40 Corn Mills

40 Wheel Barrows

12 Ploughs

30 Grindstones

330 Iron Pots

6 Carts

4 Timber Carriages

14 Fishing Nets

14 Chains for Timber Carriages

5,448 Squares of Crown Grass

200 Canvas Beds

63 Chauldrons of Coal

80 Carpenter's Axes

20 Shipwright's Axes

600 lbs of Coarse Sugar

100 lbs of Indian Sago

1 Small Cask of Raisins

6 lbs of Spices

3 Hogsheads of Vinegar

2 Barrels of Tar

1 Dozen Tin Saucepans

1 Printing Press

Type Fonts for DO

3 Dozen Flat Irons


3 Snuffers

24 Spinning Whorls

48 Spinning Brasses

1 Set of Apparatus for Candle Making

7 Dozen Razors


Prayer Book

Communion Service & Surplice for Chaplain.

6 Bullet Moulds

9 Hackies for Flax

9 Hackies Pins

3 Flax Dresser Brushes

127 Dozen Combs

18 Coils of Whale line

6 Harpoons

12 Lances

Shoe Leather

40 Tents for Women Convicts

6 Bundles of Ridge Poles

11 Bundles of Stand Poles

2 Chests of Pins and Mallets

1 Portable Canvas House (Gov. Philip)

18 Turkeys

29 Geese

35 Ducks

122 Fowls

87 Chickens



4 Mares

2 Stallions

4 Cows

1 Bull

1 Bull Calf

44 Sheep

19 Goats

32 Hogs

5 Rabbits

Gov. Philip's Greyhounds

Rev. John's Cats

Mill Spindles with 4 Crosses

2 Cases of Mill Bills and Picks

1 Cask of Mill Brashes

589 Women's Petticoats

606 Women's Jackets

121 Women's Caps

327 Pairs of Women's Stockings

381 Women's Shifts

250 Women's Handkerchiefs

140 Women's Hats

305 Pairs of Women's Shoes

75 Claw Hammers

175 Steel Hand-saws

140 Augers

700 Gimlets

504 Saw Files

300 Chisels

6 Butchers Knives

100 Pairs of Scissors

30 Box Rules

30 Pincers

100 Plain Measures

50 Pickaxes

50 Helvers for do

700 Wooden Bowls

700 do Platters

5 Sets of Smith's Tools

10 Smith Bellows

20 Pit Saws

700 Clasp Knives

500 Tin Plates

60 Padlocks

50 Hay Forks

42 Splitting Wedges

8,000 Fish Hooks

48 Dozen Lines

8 Dozen lbs of Sewing Twine

10,000 Bricks

12 Brick Moulds

36 Masons Chisels

6 Harness for Horses

12 Ox-Bows

3 Sets of Ox Furniture

1 Piano

Coarse Thread (Blue/White) with needles

Transport Jack

Ventilators for Water and Wine







Marine's Clothes

135 Tierces of Beef

165 Tierces of Pork

50 Puncheons of Bread

116 Casks of Pease

110 Frinkins of Butter

8 Bram of Rice

10 Pairs of Handcuffs and Tools

1 Chest of Books & Sundry Articles (For Henry Kable)

5 Puncheons of Rum

300 Gallons of Brandy

15 Tons of Drinking Water

5 Casks of Oatmeal

12 Bags of Rice

1 Machine for Dressing Flax, with Ironwork and brushes

252 Dozen lbs of Cotton Candles

168 Dozen lbs of Mould Candles

44 Tons of Tallow

2 Millstones Spindles etc.

800 Sets of Bedding

1 Loom for Weaving Canvas

2,780 Woollen Jackets

5,440 Drawers

26 Marquees for Married Officers

200 Wood Canteens

40 Camp Kettles

448 Barrels of Flour


Plants and Seeds

Apples                          Bamboos                     Banana                        Cocoa

Coffee                          Cotton                         Eugenia                       Fig Trees

Guava                          Ipecacuanha                Lemon                        Oak and Myrtle Trees

Orange                        Pears                           Prickly Pear                 Quinces

Spanish Reed              Strawberries                Sugar Cane                 Tamari

60 Bushels of Seed Wheat                              10 Bushels of India Seed Corn

20 Bushels of Seed Barley                              12 Baskets of Garden Seed