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A Message from the President

Welcome to the website of the Hunter Valley Chapter of the Fellowship of First Fleeters.  Having stopped at our web pages, you have an interest in First Fleeters and are perhaps a descendant of a First Fleeter, or are just curious.  Hopefully we can answer your questions and encourage your interest.

The Hunter Valley Chapter of the Fellowship of First Fleeters is a group of approximately 70 enthusiastic members who claim and have proven family links to a person who came to this country on one of the ships of the First Fleet in January 1788.  As a group we have a shared historical connection and enjoy the opportunity to reflect on this history.  We regularly gather for lunch meetings at which we have a guest speaker, participate in outings to special events and sites of historical interest and share a pre-Christmas lunch together.  On Australia Day we manage a membership stall at the Newcastle Harbour Foreshore Park.  A bi-monthly Newsletter is produced for members' information and can be read on other sections of this website. Our aim is to share the stories of the First Fleet, the stories of our First Fleet ancestors and to pay respect to the heritage of modern Australia.

For those interested in joining the Fellowship and/or this related Chapter, several forms of membership are available.  Full membership requires applicants to produce proof of their lineage from a First Fleet arrival (see the Membership page and application download). Associate Membership is available to those who do not have direct ancestral links but are a partner of a full member.  Friend Membership is open to those who share an interest in the aims of the Fellowship and would like to share in the information provided by the guest speakers, the luncheon fellowship and to participate in the experiences of the general outings.  As well, if you are undertaking research in order to establish your connection to First Fleet ancestors, then we, the Hunter Valley Chapter may be able to assist you with information.  Alternatively, the executive of First Fleet House in Sydney are available to assist you with archival information.

We extend to you a warm welcome and an invitation for you to apply for membership and to participate in our Hunter Valley Chapter.


President, 2015-16